[[Design with Antiques]] Five Reasons Antiques are Better than New!

Do you ever wonder ‘why’ everyone is so mad about antiques, vintage and retro these days? There are plenty of great new items being made every day so what has started this whole movement of reusing pre-loved, older pieces?

I asked around and found that for the most part, there are five main reasons why people are turning to antiques and collectibles over new store-bought products.

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1. They cost less in the long run

This one is actually a bit hard to get your head around since most people envisage that antiques are expensive due to their scarcity or individuality.

The truth is, while there are some pieces which go up in value exponentially, a lot of pieces you find in your antique centre are a really affordable price and the best part: they are usually better made than the things you’ll find in the department stores these days!

So instead of needing to purchase new furniture every 10 years due to wear and tear, your antique items continue to ensure with just a small amount of care and attention and the occasional refresh with varnish or paint.

PLUS they retain or increase in value! So if you ever want to sell it in the future, it’s held some monetary worth for you.

2. Antiques are eco-friendly

Yes, if you put your money back into a local business selling a second hand item, you are looking after our precious resources and reusing an item instead of buying a new one.

If everyone bought brand new items instead of second hand, we would soon be sitting on one very large pile of landfill. As I’ve said above, not only is it cost effective as your antiques will last longer, but that longevity means less new cheap items are out there in the world which will eventually be scrapped.

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3. They are more interesting and unique

It’s part of the human condition to want to stand out from the rest! We love to have something interesting and special in our homes as a talking point and to show our impeccable taste and style.

By mixing and matching with newer items and from different eras and genres, you can achieve a unique and eclectic style which would be difficult using pieces from IKEA alone.

4. There’s a story to tell

Run your fingers over any antique piece of furniture and you’ll find hidden secrets from it’s past lives with other families and friends. The history of a piece can be the difference between liking and LOVING an antique piece.

While you may not be able to find out every particular, sometimes just knowing the period from which the items comes from can evoke nostalgic feelings and make a stronger connection with you and your possessions.

5. They never go out of style

Yes, it’s true that certain types of antiques, vintage and retro can be the ‘flavour of the month’ but the best part about older items is that they aren’t stuck on an everlasting loop of popularity and decline.

To update a piece of antique furniture, you only need to change how you style the pieces that go with it to update it’s look. The smaller pieces you collect can also find their way into any style or fad with a little bit of styling knowledge and a refresh from time to time.

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If you’re interested in how you can incorporate antiques, vintage and retro items, please come in and see our experienced staff at Southside Antiques!