[[Design with Antiques]] Minimalism



Minimalism doesn’t need to mean stark white spaces and an empty house that doesn’t feel like home. The style is more about feeling tidy and neat with points of interest rather than a huge assortment of attention-seeking pieces. 

If you’re keen on the minimalist look and you want to incorporate antiques or vintage pieces into your space, follow one rule: Keep It Simple.

Don’t overcrowd the space.

Make one interesting piece the champion of the space with a range of muted linens, furniture and other pieces to help showcase the focal point of the room.

Make your star piece an antique or something new but make sure it’s large enough and interesting enough to draw attention.

Slowly add more muted tones or matching coloured pieces in with it to bring the space together and allow your champion to shine.

You could find vintage linens and smaller antique pieces which match your styling but don’t clutter surfaces and find storage solutions to keep useful items out of site.

If you have a smaller home, make sure you don’t get a star piece which is too large for the space. It should find balance nicely with the size of your room.

Since you’ll be working with a constrained colour palette, you can go crazy with textures. Find draping, course and fluffy fabrics or rough, matte or glossy surfaces to play with and intertwine in your space.

When choosing vintage pieces and antiques, follow the rule and Keep It Simple. Find things which aren’t too ornate and make sure they have clean lines and a simple style.


Come in and see us if you’re looking for the perfect piece to base your minimalist room around! We have so many amazing things to choose from and expert staff to help you.