WWII RAAF/RAF Glass Photographic Plates


Photos taken by an Australian who enlisted in the RAAF and trained in Canada and then was transferred to Bomber Command of the RAF.  He was a radio operator and an upper middle gunner on Halifax bombers and was stationed with 51st SQD at RAF Snaith UK.  The photos were taken during his service in the RAF, some of the plates are of aircraft, bombing and aerial sites.  He was also present at the victory parade in London and there is a photo of King George VI in his carriage and also of parade of military tanks and service personnel.

The negatives were brought back to Australia and put onto glass plates at the Australian Aluminium Company Pty Ltd in Granville.  The plates measure 11cm x 8cm and there are two photos per plate. (one is not well focused).  All in VGC

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