WWII Table Tops AIF Newspaper “It’s All Over” 16 Aug 1945


WWII Table Tops AIF Newspaper “It’s All Over” 16 Aug 1945  “Japan accepts Allied terms and surrenders” – Brunei edition.  Measures 28cm x 22cm  –  Aged discolouration and a small 4cm tear bottom right hand corner and creases where the paper has been folded for decades.  Please refer to photos.  This paper was included with other documents from 133673 LAC C.G.Tanner, who was stationed on North Borneo in June 1945.

Table Tops was a free daily newspaper produced for Australian Army personnel, published in the Atherton Tableland Training Area in Queensland, Australia.  Regional editions were produced abroad for serving personnel. These were produced in camps, with mobile generators and truck-mounted printing equipment.  News was collected by listening to short-wave radio broadcasts from IndiaHawaii, the BBC and Australia.  These regional editions were produced at places such as Morotai in the Maluku Islands, and in Balikpapan and Brunei in Borneo.  Thank you Wikipedia!